Verifying my information (for US customers)

For all US customers, your legal name and date of birth on your Coinbase account needs to match the information on your photo ID to successfully verify your info.

I received the "Couldn’t verify your info" error message

Please make sure that your personal information is entered exactly as it appears on your government issued ID. If you’ve made changes to your personal information, then your ID document must also reflect these changes. 

For example: If you’ve changed your legal last name and updated it on your Coinbase account, then the last name on your photo ID must match. 

My ID does not have my updated personal information

Please update your ID with your current personal information so that we can verify your identity.

If the personal information on your ID and Coinbase account match but you keep running into issues, please contact Coinbase Support so that we can complete an account review. Note that Coinbase Support will not be able to help you if your personal information on your ID and Coinbase account do not exactly match.

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