I've lost or need to update my phone or 2-step verification device

Quick troubleshooting for all devices

If you're having trouble completing the 2-step verification to sign in to your account, make sure your device, software, and Coinbase app up to date. If you're using a browser to sign in, make sure you're using the latest version of Chrome. Clearing your cache, restarting your browser can also help.

New Phone Number/SMS/Text



I'm not receiving SMS codes
  1. If you're using an Authenticator app for your 2-step verification, SMS codes won't send to your phone. Please use the code from your authenticator app instead
  2. Due to issues with the SMS network itself, codes may not deliver to all customers. Because of this, it's recommended to use an Authenticator app for 2-step verification in your Coinbase account if possible, as they do not require internet connectivity or SMS coverage once configured
  3. Your SMS inbox may be full. Try deleting some messages from your inbox and request another code
  4. If you still have not received the codes after several attempts, our system may temporarily stop sending the codes as a security measure. After 24 hours we will resume sending codes via SMS message. If you've already waited 24 hours and are still not receiving the codes, check with your phone carrier to see if they are blocking our SMS messages


I got a new phone number and still have my old number

  1. Sign in to your account with your username, password, and 2-step verification code from your old number
  2. Go to your Security Settings page
  3. Verify your new phone number
  4. Set your new phone number as the Primary number
  5. (optional) Delete your old number



I got a new phone number and no longer have my old number

  1. Sign in to your account with your username and password
  2. When prompted for a 2-step verification code, select Code not working?
    Note: If you do not get this prompt after providing your username and password, try logging in on an Incognito browser or clearing your cache and trying again.
  3. You will need to provide the old phone number associated with your account as well as a new phone number. For security reasons, you will then be prompted for:
    1. Images of the front and back of your photo ID
    2. A webcam photo of yourself, taken at the time of the prompt
  4. Once all steps have been completed and a 48-72 hour security waiting period has completed, your phone number will be updated
I got a new phone number and can't remember my old number

Try to remember your old number or find a record of it in your files. Without this number the account recovery process will take much longer.

If you cannot remember or locate your old number, contact our support team and let us know that you don't remember your phone number.

For the fastest resolution, please select Login Issue as the category and 2 Factor Authentication - SMS as the sub-category.


TOTP Authenticator Apps (Google, DUO, Microsoft)

Problem Solution
I want to move my 2-step verification codes to a new device while maintaining the old device
  1. Sign in to your account with your username, password, and 2-step verification code from your old number
  2. Go to your Security Settings page
  3. Regenerate your secret key (Note: regenerating your secret key will invalidate your old device tokens)
  4. Scan the new secret key with your new Authenticator device
I lost my Authenticator device or app Contact our support team and let us know that you've lost both your Authenticator app or phone number. 
My codes are not working Check that the clock on your device is correct and set to the correct timezone. An incorrect clock can cause codes to be out of sync. 

Authy (TOTP)


Try these actions

I lost my Authy device or app and have a new phone number

If you have lost your Authy device or login, we recommend using another TOTP authenticator like Google or DUO instead as Coinbase no longer supports Authy. 

Security Keys

Problem Solution

My security key isn't working

  • Remove the key from the port and insert again. A light should appear on the key
  • Close and reopen your browser and then try again
  • Clear your cache and cookies from your browser and try again
  • Check to make sure your key supports U2F/WebAuthN standard. You can confirm with your key manufacturer 
I want to update my security key to a new key
  1. Sign in to your account with your username, password, and 2-step verification code from your old number
  2. Go to your Security Settings page
  3. Select Manage next to the security key name
  4. Under your security key management window, select remove for the key you would like to remove from your account
  5. Select the 2-step verification method to replace the security key
I lost or broke my security key
  1. You will need to first complete account recovery
  2. Once account recovery is complete, your previous security key will be automatically removed and your account will default to SMS as its primary security method
  3. You'll then need to acquire and add another security key
How do I remove a security key?
  1. Go to your Security Settings page 
  2. Select Manage, then select Remove (all security keys linked to your account will be removed)
  3. Set up another 2-step verification method


It is not possible to receive 2-step verification codes delivered via voice call. We recommend using an Authenticator app instead of a landline whenever possible. 

Tips for a successful Account Recovery

Troubleshooting tips for uploading and verifying your ID:

  • Photos of your ID can be uploaded. They do not have to be taken by the webcam. Try using your phone camera or a scanner to take clear pictures of the ID
  • Take the picture in a well lit area. Natural light works best
  • Try to use indirect light for your ID to avoid glare
  • If your webcam can be moved, try setting the ID flat on a tabletop and moving the camera instead of moving the ID
  • Try to have a plain background, like a white piece of paper. Holding it in your fingers can confuse the focusing lens
  • Use an up-to-date version of the Chrome browser
  • Clear your browser cache, restart the browser, and try again
  • Wait 30 minutes between attempts

Tips for your selfie:

  • Make sure light is coming from in front of you, not behind you, so your face is clearly visible
  • Face the camera directly and try to include from the shoulders to the top of your head
  • Try to have a plain wall as a background
  • Try to have indirect light and no backlight
  • Do not wear sunglasses or hats during this process
  • If you were wearing glasses in your ID photo, try wearing them in your selfie photo. If you were not wearing glasses in your ID photo, try removing them for your selfie photo

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