Unable to send crypto

Coinbase puts safeguards in place to prevent potential loss from irreversible transactions. In some situations, accounts may be temporarily restricted from sending cryptocurrency off the Coinbase platform for a period of time. Other restrictions may also apply, depending on our internal security and risk assessment. 

If your account has been restricted, please pay attention to any in-account notifications and take any required actions such as those related to account verification or a failed send attempt.

While your account is under review, you may still be able to convert your cryptocurrency into cash and cash out funds to your verified bank account  However, since security and risk assessment require us to consider a variety of factors, we cannot guarantee that taking these actions will result in this functionality being available or restrictions being removed for all accounts. 

Cryptocurrency accounts are often targeted for fraudulent activity. We have multiple Privacy and Security articles, but we’ve also included some tips below, to help you keep your account secure:

  • Legitimate merchants, vendors, or sellers should only require your wallet's receiving address. If other information is requested (such as your Coinbase password or 2-step verification codes), it likely indicates fraudulent intent as this information should never be shared.

  • Beware of unsolicited "investment opportunities" that promise returns in exchange for transferring cryptocurrency to an external wallet, which are often indicators of fraudulent intent. Remember that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and Coinbase cannot retrieve funds sent off platform.

  • Keep your security information confidential. As a Coinbase user, you are responsible for the security of your devices, passwords, emails, and 2-step verification codes.

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