What types of transactions are available to me?

Here at Coinbase, we take our customer onboarding processes and the security of your account and bank information very seriously. Once you’ve completed all the prompts and steps during your onboarding, you’ll be able to see which services are available to you.

There are a variety of reasons that affect the services that we can offer to you, including our security, compliance and operational procedures, or your geographic location.

If you receive a pop-up notification stating your account isn’t qualified to hold a cash balance, you have access to the following services: 

This would also mean that you are not eligible to receive the following services on your account:

  • Bank account deposits and withdrawals

  • Cryptocurrency sells to local currencies

If you see a pop-up notification stating your accout isn't qualified to hold a cash balance, you are currently unable to sell your crypto in exchange for any local currencies on Coinbase.

However, you do have the ability to sell crypto for local currencies into your PayPal account. This is based on your current position as outlined in the user profile answers you provided at the time you created your Coinbase account. 

If you have moved geographic locations, you can change your address in your Settings. Please note that we cannot guarantee that this will change any of the services available to you.

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