Get started with perpetual futures

Perpetual futures are futures contracts with no expiry date that seek to replicate the performance of an underlying spot asset. 

Perpetual futures is available via Web browser on desktop & mobile. We’re working towards fully supporting Mobile App & API access. Check back for updates.


Coinbase complies with local regulations around crypto derivatives, thus perpetual futures trading on Coinbase Advanced (our advanced trading platform) is only available to users in specific non-US regions.

Get started or express interest 

If you are in a non-US, eligible region:

  1. Access the perpetual futures market pages.

  2. Follow the onboarding prompts.

  3. Buy and/or transfer USDC to your Perpetuals portfolio. 

If you’re currently not in an eligible region:

  1. Visit the perpetual futures overview page.

  2. Express interest in using the feature. 

  3. We’ll email you when/if the feature becomes available in your region.


During the onboarding process, you’ll be asked a series of questions. Our license to operate our international exchange with the Bermuda Monetary Authority requires us to meet certain user KYC and suitability standards. 

After successfully completing onboarding, a new international exchange account will be available for you throughout the Coinbase Advanced experience. 

If you need assistance onboarding, please contact our Support team.

Location change

If you travel to a region that is ineligible after successfully onboarding, your perpetual futures experience will switch to view-only mode. You will not be able to partake in trading activity. Your open positions will still remain intact and your funds will continue to be safe.

If you permanently relocate to a region that is ineligible after successfully onboarding, please contact our Support team for assistance.

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