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Supported networks and assets

The Coinbase Wallet browser extension supports Ethereum and Solana. Learn more about all the browser extension capabilities for each supported network below:


  • Store all of your crypto and NFTs 

  • Supports over 5,500 assets and a whole world of dapps

  • Trade on decentralized exchanges 


  • Easily store, send, and receive Solana tokens (SOL and SPL)

  • Support for dapp connections, trading, and NFTs on Solana is coming soon


  • Coinbase Wallet extension users who haven’t updated to the latest version will not be able to receive Solana with their Coinbase Wallet username

  • If you’re sending SOL or an SPL token to a wallet that has not previously held these assets, then you will pay an account creation fee

    • The account creation fee is a small amount of SOL when an address receives a token it’s never held before

  • Solana and SPL tokens are only supported through the standalone Coinbase Wallet browser extension

    • The Coinbase Wallet extension via WalletLink, which means you approve transactions initiated in your extension from your phone, does not support Solana or SPL tokens at this time

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