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Swap using a DEX - Introduction

A swap is a crypto conversion feature that lets you convert (swap) one token for another using Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

When you use swap, your funds are sent directly from your Wallet to a DEX service, like Uniswap or Sushiswap, to execute the conversion. This enables you to swap for thousands of tokens that may not be available on a centralized exchange. 

Before you swap

Things to know


Price fluctuation is possible

• Swaps take place on a third-party decentralized exchange.

• Swaps will execute at a price within the slippage specified on the confirmation page, or the transaction will be canceled and your funds returned to your wallet.

Supported networks

• Ethereum

• Base

• Optimism

• Arbitrum

• Polygon

• BNB Chain

• Avalanche

• Solana*

Unsupported networks (in-app)

• Cross-chain transactions

• Direct bank account transactions

*Solana DEX is temporarily disabled due to a necessary security upgrade. We expect to re-enable it later this year.

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