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To comply with financial regulations, Coinbase is required to ensure that all of our users’ information is accurate and verified. Confirming your personal information also helps us protect you from potential fraudulent activity. 

Choosing to not confirm your personal information will result in a restriction on your account, and you won’t be able to use certain features. If this happens, once you confirm your information, the restriction will be removed and all functionalities on your account will be restored. 

Coinbase protects your information and only asks for the minimum information required as a part of this update. To read more about how we protect your data, see Data Privacy at Coinbase

To confirm your personal information:

You’ll receive an email from [email protected] with this subject line: [Action Required] Confirm your info to continue using Coinbase 

  1. Select Confirm your info in the email and review your information. 

  2. Select Yes, looks good if all the information is accurate.

  3. To update any of your information, select Edit

You may be required to verify your photo ID.

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