Send and receive troubleshooting


If you’re experiencing issues sending crypto, try the following steps before contacting support.

To see the status of a transaction:

  1. Select the asset balance in your Coinbase account to display the transaction history

  2. Then, select the individual transaction you want to view.

I sent crypto but the recipient claims they haven’t received the funds.

  1. Confirm that the transaction has been fully completed and has met the minimum number of confirmations, which varies by asset (e.g., BTC requires 2 confirmations)

  2. Confirm that the address you sent the funds to is the correct address for the recipient (you can see which address was used by viewing the transaction’s detail page).

  3. Confirm that the network the recipient expected to receive the funds on is the same network that you used to send the funds (you can see which network was used by viewing the transaction’s detail page). If the transaction was sent on the incorrect network, Coinbase will not be able to recover the funds. Learn more about sending on other networks.

I tried to send crypto, but my transaction is stuck in pending.

  1. Wait at least 30 minutes. Blockchain transactions take time to complete. Most transactions will be completed within 30 minutes.

  2. Check the number of confirmations. If the number of confirmations is stuck at 0 for an extended period of time, contact our support team.


If someone tried to send crypto to your address but it isn’t showing in your account, try the following steps. Note that in periods of high network congestion, it may take longer for a transaction to complete.

  • Close and re-open your app or browser. 

  • Update your app to the latest version (if necessary).

  • Confirm that you provided the sender with both the correct:

    • Address

    • Network

  • Confirm that the sender sent the funds via the correct:

    • Address

    • Network

Tip: You can also ask the sender to provide you with the block explorer link related to the transaction and use it to confirm that the funds were sent to the correct address and network.