Ethereum (ETH) staking guide on Coinbase Prime


You're required to hold 32 ETH in a single vault (cold) wallet to stake ETH. Transfer funds from your trading wallets and vault wallets into a single ETH vault wallet to meet the requirement. You'll see a Get Started link once you're eligible to stake from your vault wallet.

  • Validator types that you can use to stake asset on Coinbase Prime:

    • Coinbase Custody public validator, Coinbase Cloud public validator, and Coinbase Cloud dedicated validator: See ETH guide for details.

  • Ability to stake to multiple validator addresses: Not applicable - each increment of 32 ETH is staked to a different validator but you can’t choose your validator.

  • Ability to change validator without unbonding and restaking: No

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  • Active set minimum requirement: 32 ETH

  • Delegation minimum requirement: Not applicable, see ETH guide for details.

  • Staking maximum: 3200 ETH per wallet

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  • Estimated reward payout: Era | 24 hours - rewards may not settle in specified account for an additional duration depending on network conditions and batching rewards

  • Delegator reward compound: Not applicable

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Unbonding period: To be determined by the network

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Slashing coverage available when using:

  • Coinbase Custody public validator: Not applicable - unable to delegate to this validator

  • Coinbase Cloud public validator: No

  • Coinbase Cloud dedicated validator: No

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Ability to stake when using the following entity:

  • Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC: Yes

  • Coinbase Custody International, Ltd.: Yes

  • Can stake using entity: Coinbase Germany GmBH: Yes

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  • Ability to unstake assets: No, not enabled by the network

  • Ability to change staking amounts: Yes, but you have manually re-stake new rewards (post-merge) and additional deposits in increments of 32 ETH

  • Ability to add new principal funds to a staked wallet: No

  • Partial amounts allowed: Yes, only in multiples of 32

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Fees charged when using the following validator types:

  • Coinbase Custody public validator: Not applicable - unable to delegate to this validator

  • Coinbase Cloud public validator: 10% Charged by Coinbase Prime. Note:validation services are diversified across multiple high-quality validator providers including Coinbase Cloud

  • Coinbase Cloud dedicated validator: Subscription, participatory, and service fee vary. Reach out to your Account Manager or Prime Operations team for more information

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Consensus requirements: General consensus approvals required for all staking activities

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At this time, any ETH you have staked including accrued staking rewards will remain locked without the ability to withdraw. Withdrawals are planned for the Shanghai upgrade, the next major upgrade of the Ethereum network following The Merge which will occur sometime in 2023.

If you would like to obtain liquidity on your staked ETH sooner, we now offer the ability to sell or transfer your staked ETH by first converting it to cbETH. Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (“cbETH”) is a utility token that represents your staked ETH or ETH2.

You can now wrap ETH2 to cbETH to sell or use it in DeFi applications. There are zero fees for wrapping to cbETH and you continue to earn staking rewards so long as you hold the token. To learn more about cbETH, visit cbETH intro.

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