Staking guide for Ethereum (ETH) on Coinbase Prime


You're required to hold 32 ETH in a single vault (cold) wallet to stake ETH. Transfer funds from your trading wallets and vault wallets into a single ETH vault wallet to meet the requirement. You'll see a Get Started link once you're eligible to stake from your vault wallet.

  • Validator types that you can use to stake asset on Coinbase Prime:

    • Coinbase Custody public validator, Coinbase Cloud public validator, and Coinbase Cloud dedicated validator: SeeETH guide for details.

  • Ability to stake to multiple validator addresses: Not applicable - each increment of 32 ETH is staked to a different validator but you can’t choose your validator.

  • Ability to change validator without unbonding and restaking: No

  • Active set minimum requirement: 32 ETH

  • Delegation minimum requirement: Not applicable, see ETH guide for details.

  • Staking maximum: 3200 ETH per wallet

  • Estimated reward payout: Era | 24 hours - rewards may not settle in specified account for an additional duration depending on network conditions and batching rewards

  • Delegator reward compound: Not applicable

*Third-party website provided for information only. Coinbase hasn't verified and doesn't guarantee the accuracy of information, including minimum requirements, staking maximums, and reward rates, provided on

Unbonding period: To be determined by the network

Slashing coverage available when using:

  • Coinbase Custody public validator: Not applicable - unable to delegate to this validator

  • Coinbase Cloud public validator: No

  • Coinbase Cloud dedicated validator: No

Ability to stake when using the following entity:

  • Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC: Yes

  • Coinbase Custody International, Ltd.: Yes

  • Can stake using entity: Coinbase Germany GmBH: Yes

  • Ability to unstake assets: No, not enabled by the network

  • Ability to change staking amounts: Yes, but you have manually re-stake new rewards (post-merge) and additional deposits in increments of 32 ETH

  • Ability to add new principal funds to a staked wallet: No

  • Partial amounts allowed: Yes, only in multiples of 32

Fees charged when using the following validator types:

  • Coinbase Custody public validator: Not applicable - unable to delegate to this validator

  • Coinbase Cloud public validator: 10% Charged by Coinbase Prime. Note:validation services are diversified across multiple high-quality validator providers including Coinbase Cloud

  • Coinbase Cloud dedicated validator: Subscription, participatory, and service fee vary. Reach out to your Account Manager or Prime Operations team for more information

Consensus requirements: General consensus approvals required for all staking activities

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