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For participating in a proof of stake network, validators are given rewards proportional to their contribution. These rewards are distributed to all of the asset holders who have delegated to them on a proportional basis, minus fees. The various features of staking vary by individual asset protocols and by the validator type used to stake your assets. Review the definitions and table below to learn more about rewards on Coinbase Prime:

  • Estimated rewards rate:  A function of the protocol’s mandated inflation rate divided by the staking rate. Reward rates are dynamic. This is applicable if you’re using a private or public validator.

  • Estimated reward payout: The projected number of rewards that are generated based on network conditions.

    • Rewards may not settle in your account for an additional duration depending on network conditions, validator reward cycles, and batching rewards. 

    • Coinbase can’t calculate the exact reward payout due to the dependencies stated above, in addition to the bonding, warm up, and cool down periods.

  • Delegator reward compound:  You can add earned staking rewards to an existing staked balance to generate additional rewards, this is known as compounding. Rewards are either automatically compounded or you have to manually restake them to compound. To stop automatic reward compounds, you’ll need to unstake your staked balance.


Estimated rewards rate

Estimated rewards payout

Delegator reward compound

Solana (SOL)


Epoch | 2 days


Tezos (XTZ)


Block | 30 seconds


Polkadot (DOT)


Era | 24 hours


Cosmos (ATOM)


Block | 7 seconds


Celo (CGLD)


Epoch | 24 hours


Ethereum (ETH)


Epoch | 6.4 minutes

Not applicable

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**You can’t manually restake rewards if your pending rewards are less than 50 ATOM. Additionally, Coinbase Prime doesn't support the ability to directly withdraw pending ATOM rewards. You must unstake the entire staked balance to withdraw rewards. If the rewards were restaked, then they'll be subject to the unbonding period. In both cases, the principal amount will be unstaked, subject to the unbonding period, and won't earn rewards.

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