Staking validator addresses and partial staking amounts on Coinbase Prime

Staking varies by individual asset protocols and by the validator type used to stake your assets. This includes the ability to stake assets to multiple validator addresses and to stake partial amounts of a wallet balance. Review the definitions and table below to learn more about validator addresses and partial amounts on Coinbase Prime:

Multiple validator addresses: The ability to stake assets from your staking wallet to multiple validator addresses. This is applicable to specific assets. The ability to stake from your staking wallet to a single validator address is applicable to all assets.

Partial amounts allowed: The ability to stake a partial balance from your staking wallet to a validator and to unstake a partial balance from a validator to your staking wallet. Partial amounts allowed is applicable to specific assets. All assets can staking the entire wallet amount.

See the asset specific articles below for validator support and partial staking availability for each asset.

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