Near protocol (NEAR) staking guide on Coinbase Prime

  • Validator types that you can use to stake asset on Coinbase Prime:

    • Coinbase Developer Platform public validator: Yes

    • Coinbase Developer Platform dedicated validator: Yes

  • Ability to stake to multiple validator addresses: No

  • Ability to change validator without unbonding and restaking: No

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  • Active set minimum requirement: 20,506 NEAR - number varies and is determined by the network based on how much is staked. The number is currently determined for being within the to 100 largest validators by stake. A dedicated validator needs to be in the top 100 in order to earn any rewards. Visit* for the current minimum.

  • Delegation minimum requirement: 0.1 NEAR - visit* for current estimated requirements

  • Staking maximum: None

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Staking minimums and maximum

  • Estimated reward payout: 12-15 hours (1 epoch)

  • Delegator reward compound: Automatic

*Third-party website provided for information only. Coinbase hasn't verified and doesn't guarantee the accuracy of information, including minimum requirements, staking maximums, and reward rates, provided on

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Staking rewards 

  • Unbonding period: ~4 epochs (~3 days)

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Staking unbonding periods 

Ability to stake when using the following custodial entity:

  • Coinbase, Inc. Yes

  • Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC: Yes

  • Coinbase Custody International, Ltd.: Yes

  • Coinbase Germany GmBH: Yes

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Staking availability by Coinbase Prime entities

  • Ability to unstake assets: Yes

  • Ability to change staking amounts: No

  • New funds:

    • Add net new principal funds to a staked wallet: Yes

    • Stake net new principal: net new principal funds must be manually restaked. This means you unstake the current balance then restake the new balance. Due to bonding and/or unbonding periods, you won't generate rewards when your balance is unstaked. Instead of manually restaking, you can create a new staking wallet.

  • Partial amounts allowed: No

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Fees charged when using the following validator types:

  • Coinbase Custody public validator: Not applicable - unable to delegate to validator type

  • Coinbase Developer Platform public validator: 10%

  • Coinbase Developer Platform dedicated validator: Subscription, participatory, and service fee vary. Reach out to your Account Manager or Prime Operations team for more information

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Staking pricing and fees

  • Consensus requirements: General consensus approvals required for all staking activities

  • Other requirements: Minimum reserved amount in a NEAR wallet that can’t be withdrawn or staked: 1 NEAR. The protocol enforces a dynamic minimum reserve amount for each NEAR wallet. Coinbase Prime reserves a safely higher amount to prevent disruption to any customers.

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