Getting started with your Exchange account

Set up your Exchange account

1. Verify your email address 

Select the link in the verification email sent to your email address. 

2. Create your password

After you’ve verified your account, you’ll receive an email from with the subject “Resetting Your Password.” 

3. Verify your phone number

Sign in to using your updated password and email address to verify your phone number via SMS text message. You must use a mobile phone number for this step. 

4. Set up 2-step verification

Once signed in to, go to your Security Settings to enhance your account security. We recommend Security Keys or Google Authenticator. To learn more about 2-step verification methods, visit this help article

5. Increase your withdrawal limits 

To increase your daily withdrawal limit, visit your profile page and select Increase limits.

6. Fund your account 

A. Visit Coinbase Exchange B. Select Portfolios in the top right cornerC. Select Deposit for a list of available Payment methodsD. Select one of the following for more information:

Funding your account with USD

Funding your account with GBP

Funding your account with EUR

Once you complete all the above, you’re ready to trade. Please use our Trading Platform for all your trading activity—the limits are higher and the fees much lower than One of the most common mistakes is confusing your Coinbase consumer wallets with your Trading Platform wallets. The wallets are separate, but you can always select Deposit to move funds from your Coinbase account.

Add additional account holders  

While we only support individual Exchange accounts, clients have successfully added additional account holders in a few ways.

  • Using a shared Google Groups email address

  • To update your email address, sign in and go to Settings.

  • Using a shared Google Authenticator (TOTP)

Instead of receiving SMS authentication codes, which are linked to a specific phone number, customers can add additional account holders by using the Google Authenticator app (TOTP). The authenticator app will generate 2-step verification codes that can be tied to multiple mobile devices. 

To enable Google Authenticator, sign in from the website:

  1. Go to Security Settings > Click Select in the Authenticator box

  2. Scan the QR code using the Authenticator app on your phone

Important: All desired account holders must be in the same room when you upgrade your 2-step verification method to Authenticator. The newly generated QR code will only appear once, and every individual will need to scan this QR code with the Authenticator app on their mobile device in order to receive the passcodes necessary to sign in to the account.

Note: All additional account holders will have the ability to manage funds, initiate trades, and change the email address and password on the account. It is very important to only share your account credentials with trusted individuals.