Getting started with your Exchange account

Set up your Exchange Account

1. Verify your email address and create your password

You will receive an email titled, “Action Required: Create your Password to Activate your Account”, from Select “Create Password”. Once you’ve created your password you will be redirected to Coinbase Exchange. Select “Sign In” and enter your credentials.  

2. Verify your phone number

When signing in for the first time, you will be required to set up 2-step verification. You will be prompted to enter your phone number and verify via SMS text message. You must use a mobile phone number for the initial setup. 

3. Updating 2-step verification

Once signed in to Coinbase Exchange, navigate to your Security Settings to enhance your account. On the left hand side, select “Preferences” and then select the “Security” tab. 

We recommend Security Keys or Google Authenticator. For guidance on 2-step verification methods for your business, visit this help article

4. Increase your withdrawal limits 

To view your daily withdrawal limit, visit the Limits page. On the left hand side, select “Preferences” and then select the “Limits” tab. Please see the instructions on this page to request an increase to your withdrawal limits.

5. Funding your account 

Navigate to the Banking page on Coinbase Exchange. On the left hand side, select “Preferences” and then select the “Banking” tab.  Select “Link New Account” to get started. 

Please see the Funding section within our Help Center or these commonly referenced articles regarding funding options.

Adding additional account holders  

For clients with multiple users or who have new users, we recommend using a shared Google Groups email address and Google Authenticator or other TOTP for 2-step verification.   

To change your email, please navigate to Account Management. See this help article for further instructions. 

To update your 2-Step Verification, please see “Updating 2-step verification” section above. 

Note: All additional account holders will have the ability to manage funds, initiate trades, and change the email address and password on the account. It is very important to only share your account credentials with trusted individuals.