BlockFi Distribution

BlockFi has emerged from bankruptcy and Coinbase, a distribution partner for its retail creditors, will be helping to distribute crypto assets. 

Cash is not being distributed by Coinbase. Your eligible cash distributions will continue to be handled by Kroll and their payment processing partner, Digital Disbursements. If you have any questions regarding your eligible cash distribution, contact Kroll directly:

  • Toll free: (888) 773-0375

  • Internationally: (646) 440-4371

  • Email:

Coinbase can't provide specific timelines for asset distribution to customers.


Regulatory requirements currently prevent non-US clients from receiving funds through Coinbase.

The Plan Administrator has been working tirelessly with the Joint Liquidators of BlockFi International to implement a distribution process for non-US clients through Coinbase, that complies with Bermuda regulation. Until all relevant stakeholders confirm that those requirements have been met, no further funds are approved for distribution to non-US clients through Coinbase.

What to expect

Funds will be distributed in two phases. The first interim distribution will be for creditors who did not cash out their funds from BlockFi by April 28, 2024 at 11:59 PM UTC or submit Identity Verification information requests to BlockFi by May 10, 2024 at 11:59 PM UTC. Subsequent distributions will be pending settlement from the FTX estate later this year. 

Note: Coinbase can only attempt distribution upon receiving instructions from BlockFi and has no control over the release of specific customer funds.

First interim distribution

Distributions to eligible customers who did't receive their funds prior to the shutdown of BlockFi’s systems will start in July 2024. You will receive an email from BlockFi to notify you that you are going to receive your funds as a part of the first distribution. Upon instruction from BlockFi, Coinbase will continue to attempt to distribute crypto assets on a weekly to monthly basis while this program is active, provided that the Creditor has an eligible account with Coinbase.

You will receive an automated email from Coinbase when you have successfully received your distribution. If unsuccessful, we will continue to attempt distribution, however you will need to ensure your account meets the requirements below in order to receive the funds.

Subsequent distributions

The Plan Administrator will announce any subsequent distributions through Coinbase. Further distributions are expected to be made when funds are received based on BlockFi’s claims against the FTX estates.

You can find FAQs related to BlockFi client asset distributions on the BlockFi website.


You must have a account to receive your funds. Please create one or sign in.

To distribute your funds, match your information with what exists on BlockFi to your Coinbase account.

Find steps to update your Coinbase information in our Help Center articles below:

Updated from ID verification

Coinbase takes KYC very seriously and your account also needs to be in good standing with Coinbase in order to receive your distribution. If you have any restrictions on your account you will need to resolve those before we are able to process your distribution. Please see the following list of common issues:

Business/Institutional Accounts

BlockFi will communicate to creditors that have an existing Coinbase account with an exact entity name match and required minimum account balance at Coinbase. If you receive communication in accordance with the above, BlockFi will make best efforts to distribute your crypto asset claim in your Coinbase Institutional account. All other Business/Institutional creditors will receive cash for their claim from BlockFi.


Beware of scammers who reach out to you in an effort to help you receive your distribution. Neither Coinbase or BlockFi will ask you to send funds manually or require you to provide any sort of password or 2FA code. Learn more to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

You can always reach out directly to Coinbase.