Introduction to Coinbase Prime Web3 Wallet

The Coinbase Prime Web3 Wallet is a homebase for DeFi and web3 activity that enables you to interact with any dapp, store any tokens from supported networks, and instantly access funds. Our wallet is fully integrated into Coinbase Prime so you continue to have institutional-grade controls and access to our advanced trading, financing, and Qualified Custody in addition to a new web3 wallet.

Leveraging MPC technology for a non-custodial wallet, clients can now:

  • Store any token from supported networks, including assets not yet available on Prime Custody

  • Gain instant access to funds

  • Interact directly with dapps and smart contracts

  • Tap into DEXs to trade a large range of assets

  • Vote on DAO governance

  • Lend or stake assets with direct access to DeFi

  • Buy, sell, mint, and manage NFT collections

  • Manage web3 social accounts

Prime Web3 Wallet currently supports EVM compatible chains including: Ethereum, Arbitrum,  Avalanche C-Chain,  Base, BNB (Binance Smart) Chain, Fantom Opera, Gnosis, OP Mainnet, Polygon PoS

Expand each section below for links to PDF guides and Help Center articles by topic. The linked resources provide introductory and overview information about each topic, trouble-shooting tips, step-by-step details to complete a task, and additional reference material. After reviewing this information, contact your Account Manager or Prime Operations team should you have additional questions.