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Depositing EUR into a Coinbase Prime Account

Coinbase Prime allows deposits and withdrawals of Euros (EUR) using SEPA Transfers. Before you can transfer EUR between your Coinbase Prime account and your bank account, you first need to verify your bank account details by successfully completing an initial SEPA deposit to your Coinbase Prime account. If your transfer is successful, then your linked bank account will be automatically verified for deposits and withdrawals. 

To deposit EUR in your Coinbase Prime account, please login and follow these steps: 

  1. Select the portfolio to which you'd like to add funds 

  2. On the portfolio page, click Deposit to the far right of Euro


3. Select EUR SEPA Transfer


4. A window will display the information you need to initiate the transfer from your online bank account (Please be sure to include the Reference number in your deposit instructions to ensure that your transfer is processed correctly)

5. Your funds will appear in your account 1-3 business days after you send them

Please note that we only support the EUR currency for SEPA transfers at this time. If you send a different currency in your deposit (such as USD, GBP, etc.), the transfer will be rejected by our system and will automatically be returned to your bank account.

If you have submitted a deposit and it has not been credited to your Coinbase Prime account after three business days, please contact us (include the amount and Reference Number).

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